3 Reasons Summer Online Courses Benefit High School Students

3 reasons to take summer courses for high school students LL blog

You will be surprised at how many high school students decide to take advantage of summer online courses. Some homeschooling families view school during the summer as being taboo. Summers are sacred, it is free time — it is downtime. However, it may be worth exploring these 3 reasons summer online courses benefit high school students. It is more doable than you might think.

Summer online courses are becoming increasingly popular for both homeschoolers and traditional school students alike. Although summer is viewed as a time to unwind or have a break, many students are starting to reap the benefits of sacrificing a few hours a day for summer online courses in high school for several reasons.

When considering summer online courses for high school, there a few things to consider to ensure it is right for your student.

When considering summer online courses for high school, your student should be able to:

  • Clearly, understand how summer online courses for high school will benefit them personally. They need to have a stake in this, they need to have buy-in, or it just won’t work.
  • Be self-motivated to pursue the course and complete it.
  • Determine if they want to take an easy course to get it out of the way, or a challenging course so that they can focus on it more exclusively.
  • Limit the number of classes they are considering to take so that they avoid overwhelm.

Being able to make decisions on these matters is a good indicator that your student is ready to take on a summer online course.

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3 Reasons Summer Online Courses Benefit High School Students

1. Summer online courses benefit high school students to take specialized courses that don’t usually fit in their regular school schedule.

When planning out a homeschool year, there are courses to take that are non-negotiable. You know what your students need to satisfy admission to college. This leaves very little room for your student to explore classes of interest.

High school students either know precisely what they want to do or are still exploring. Summer online courses allow them to study what may pique their interests to determine whether they would like to pursue that area further or not.

Summer online courses are also great for students to complete short certificate programs to get into part-time jobs or apprenticeship programs. They can take classes like photography, music, computer science, and more to develop hobbies or improve skills they can carry through to adulthood.

2. Summer online courses benefit high school students to help improve their grades.

High school students may benefit from summer online courses to redo a class that they struggled through the first time around. Not fully understanding the foundational knowledge needed to be successful in future classes, can result in a continued pattern of bad grades.

For instance, Algebra I can have many students struggling to grasp the concept and order of operations. Without the foundations, Algebra II and Algebra III will cause more frustration than if your student would have taken that extra Algebra I course online in the summer to fully “get it.”

Even one low grade in a subject, can significantly lower a grade point average. The effort of taking a summer online course for your high school student outweighs the risk of lowered GPA.


3. Summer online courses benefit high school students to help prepare for college pre-requisites or even finish school early.

If you and your student have researched the college pre-requisite courses for admission, you can plan exactly what your student needs for admission to the college of their choice. Planning allows you and your student the opportunity to schedule out the high school years to make sure everything fits into the 4 or even 3-year timeframe.

That schedule can include summer online courses to meet those requirements. Other times you and your student see a window of opportunity to add in some pre-requisite courses into a summer routine to complete high school early.

In a full high school schedule, summer online courses benefit high school students when they have room to take college-level courses for credits. When high school students take college courses online, even introductory college courses, their college admissions applications are strengthened for competitiveness. Colleges take note that the student is equipped to handle a rigorous schedule. That sets your student’s application apart from other students.

The truth of the matter is, a few hours a day really doesn’t have a significant impact on your student’s summer. The continuity of taking a course or two in the summertime can alleviate the beginning-of-the-school-year adjustment period. This prepares them for a good work-life balance.

Most students sleep in for way longer than an hour or two per day during the summer vacations — and still can enjoy their summer fruitfully. Therefore, the case for taking a summer online course versus sleeping in an extra hour or two proves valid.

There are many courses offered online for the summertime to fit your high school student’s needs. Students are starting to take full advantage of their “offseason” to pursue classes that help them in a variety of ways including earning college credit, making up courses, or taking courses they are interested in that do not fit into their regular homeschool schedule.

If your family is considering summer online courses for high school students, then explore Luma Learn’s Homeschool Marketplace. In Luma Learn, you will find a robust, convenient homeschool marketplace of over 100 classes with both long and short term classes in various subjects. The short term classes are perfect as summer online courses for your high school students.

If your student is exploring summer online courses, we are glad to help him/her to find the best ones that fit their needs. We are glad to help! Leave a message in the comment section with questions or feel free to contact us here.

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