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3 Benefits to Online English Courses

Online english courses make high school easy for homeschool students

Online English courses are an outstanding option to improve written English language skills. In fact, learning English online offers three distinct advantages over more mainstream educational opportunities. 

First, online English classes give you an opportunity to narrow your focus on a specific area of study.

The study of a language encompasses a pretty broad spectrum of subjects, and it can be difficult to determine, let alone locate, the sort of English learning you need.

Are you looking for grammar, literature, or composition? Are you looking to learn essay writing, research writing, or commercial writing? Are you looking for education on spoken English, or will you need to learn how to diagram a sentence?

female student learning english at Luma Learn

Sometimes, “English” courses in a more mainstream educational setting try to cover so much, that they don’t really teach you anything. Here’s where online English courses, like those offered on Luma Learn, can help you. 

Luma Learn online English courses are very specific. There is one class for public speaking specifically and a separate class for high school literature and composition – and one for research writing and one on writing for publication!

Sometimes general education courses can be a little lacking in focus to enable your student to master the specific skill set he needs.

If your school district’s English class does not sufficiently cover the specialty you are looking for, you either spend one of the precious few free periods on it or your student simply doesn’t learn it.

No such difficulty with online English courses at Luma Learn!

Second, online English courses give you a better opportunity to even out the wrinkles in your student’s understanding of the subject matter.

I do not believe the format for mainstream schooling – sitting behind a desk in a classroom – encourages a student to ask questions to his teacher. Further, I do not believe the teacher in such a setting has a lot of freedom to slow down and help a student understand a concept he is struggling with.

Classes are large, academic schedules are inflexible, and the curriculum is set in stone. Unfortunately, it sometimes feels as if both student and teacher simply must find a way to keep up – or else!

No such difficulty with online English courses at Luma Learn! I have posted classes on Luma Learn, so I am familiar with some of the features of our live online learning platform. It is designed to encourage interaction between student and teacher.

female student taking an online english course at Luma Learn

Many of our teachers design their classes with this goal in mind as well. At Luma Learn, the teacher is in complete control of scheduling and curriculum planning as well as how each classroom session will play itself out. The teacher is going to be able to help your student with areas he might be struggling with because there is nobody breathing down the teacher’s neck reminding him he has to stay on schedule.

In many ways, the teachers at Luma Learn work for themselves. Imagine the advantages of a school board, principle, and teacher all rolled into one! 

The third advantage of an online teaching class is uncommon, but it may benefit you more than any other.

I personally believe that a lack of skills in English, or at least a lack of confidence in English, keep a lot of adults from trying new things or pursuing career advancement. What’s more, trying to rectify the issue by sitting in on a high-school level English course might be too embarrassing or simply impossible – regardless of the advantages, it would offer to the individual adult.

With an online English course, however, the embarrassment factor is seriously reduced. You can strengthen your perceived weaknesses in communication without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. If you don’t understand something, you can have your question addressed without the humiliation of raising your hand in front of a room full of high schoolers who already know the answer to your question.

In fact, many of your classmates might not even realize you’re an adult! 

It may not be what you first thought of, but accessibility for adults is a real advantage of online English classes, too.

It can allow someone to finally recuperate weaknesses they inherited from their education the first time around, and that is a beautiful thing. Almost as beautiful as the English language itself.  

Enroll in a Luma Learn online English course today!

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